Care for the Planet

Food security has been named by the UN, as Africa’s single greatest challenge for the new millennia. We are reinventing the gardener as a revolutionary soldier, growing our future through gardening. Our Food ‘SoulJahs’ are motivated by their love for working with nature. They have become specialists at growing organic food to feed their families, which has shown them it's easy, affordable and healthy. Representatives from Abalimi Bezikhaya, Sustainability Institute, Harvest of Hope and the Bio Dynamic Association gathered at Goedgedacht’s Permaculture Training Centre to share ideas and opportunities with the youth on learnership, internship and volunteering opportunities. This sparked off major collaborations and projects that built unity at grass roots level.

Bicycle Project

One of the projects within the POP programme is the bicycle project. This project aims to develop young entrepreneurs through the creation and development of a small business trading in second hand bicycles. We receive bicycles from Europe, repair them when necessary, and sell them at affordable prices to farm workers, allowing them the freedom of travel. This freedom is special as the farms are big, the distances to travel are long and access to healthcare, food and basic needs are far away. Our youth who walk, sometimes bare foot for many kilometres, are now able to save up and buy themselves a bicycle – opening up a whole new world for them. This mode of transport is simple, affordable and carbon friendly and we are keen to grow and develop this project. If you have bicycles which you would like to donate, please contact

Grow Peace

Grow Peace is the UK arm of the Goedgedacht Trust. From the UK office all fundraising initiatives within the UK, for Goedgedacht, are managed and run. We also process all UK donations which enables us to claim Gift Aid, increasing the donation value by 25% at no extra cost to the donor. Many UK schools visit Goedgedacht every year to experience the work being done and to work alongside the children. They return home having benefited greatly from the experience and inspired to carry on the work from the UK. In the past 10 years, 63 UK schools have visited us at Goedgedacht farm. Each one has helped make profound changes in the lives of rural children. We are enormously grateful to them. All of us who have had the privilege of education will, I am sure, subscribe to our bye-line “LIFTING AS WE CLIMB”. Getting involved with POP is the most marvellous of win-win situations. We give you the opportunity to have a life changing experience and you help us to inspire poor children by sharing your skills. Most importantly, these visits are FUN!

HELP The Rural Child Charity Shops

Our shops sell a wide range of good quality, well priced books, clothing, bric-a-brac, and furniture which are all donated by the public. Our shops are completely dependent on the generous donations given to us by the public. Without this generosity our shops would not be successful. Your donations will ensure that the Goedgedacht POP centres continue to thrive, giving our rural children the opportunity to break out of the cycles poverty.