What makes Goedgedacht’s Olives different from everyone else’s?

We have planted olives in our “Olive Peace Grove” since 1991 and in this time we have managed to plant some 23 000 olive trees of which 13 000 are already in full production. The fruit from our trees is then processed and the profits from the sale of the fruit are then driven back into the Goedgedacht Trust’s flagship programme the POP (Path out of Poverty) programme for rural children here in South Africa.

Jan and his team also work extremely hard to water, feed and maintain the groves in an excellent condition. We have world class cultivars which produce high yields of olives packed full of much needed vitamins and minerals. Enjoy these olives in salads, stews, platters and in all honestly scatter them over almost every dish, you will not be disappointed.

Olive Oil

The polyphenols (antioxidants) that are found naturally in olive oil play a prominent role in the various health benefits attributed to olive oil.  We pride ourselves on Goedgedacht in ensuring that we look after our trees to allow us to produce exceptional quality EVOO.

With many health benefits you will want to add EVOO to your everyday diet (if you haven’t already). The benefits of a diet rich in olive oil are not only abundant - but undeniable.


For thousands of years, different cultures across the world have used vinegar as a cooking ingredient, a curative, a cleaner and much more. From ancient Rome, to early China and the Middle East, vinegar was valued for its medicinal and cleaning qualities, much as it is today.

Needless to say on Goedgedacht we use these hand-made vinegars in cooking and food preparation as they have a variety of wonderful uses. They provide the simplest of dishes with a tangy lift which is often needed. From marinades, meat tenderisers, stir-fries and more, give our range a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 


Our “preservative free” range of sophisticated cordials, are a healthy way to enjoy some sunset cocktails or a lovely picnic at the park. Mix these with some crushed ice, fruit and some fresh herbs and you’ll have a new favourite! 

Private Label

We are prepared to pack any private label, our range and others, for retailers interested in supporting our work. We are keen to take on more private label products and are working with both local and international retailers to develop this side of our business.


Goedgedacht Trading endeavours to develop its export programme and has
attended international trade shows over the last 3 years. We are now getting
some traction with our first containers to America and look forward to
developing this export potential with our partners in the US.